USA Regional Round
4th Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C)


2017 HiMCM Team/Control Number:

US- ____________

Parental/Guardian Authorization Form

  I _____________________________________(Parent/Guardian Name*)

give permission for my son/daughter/ward

_______________________________________(Student Name)

to participate in the 3rd Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C). In the event that my son's/daughter's/ward's team is designated as an Outstanding winner, I give permission to disclose his/her name in the June 2018 IM2C press release, and to publish their resulting solution paper or solution abstract. I also give permission to release

_______________________________________(Student Name)

to local newspapers, radio or television outlets in recognition of his/her outstanding achievement.

Signature:__________________________________________________(Parent/Guardian Name*)


*School administrators may sign in the case of residential schools.